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     Divorce can be a time of uncertainty. As your lawyer, I will walk you through the legal process and help you understand your legal rights. Whether you have questions about your spousal support, child custody, or any of the implications of divorce I am here to listen and to answer your questions thoroughly.

     Divorces may be uncontested, meaning the couple agrees on the issues and the court system merely administers the judgment making the divorce legal. Divorces may also be contested. Contested divorces go through a process of resolving the issues through the California legal system. I offer solutions for you as my client in either case.

Child Custody

     Protecting and preserving the best interest of your child is of the utmost importance in any case. Often times the stress and complexity of child custody matters far exceed the expectations of parents undergoing divorce. Not only am I here to walk you through these matters; I am also here to aggressively pursue your child’s best interests in both legal and physical custody matters.

     What happens when an existing child custody order is no longer suitable or a parent refuses to obey the order given? In the case of a child custody order no longer being suitable, an order of modification is needed. Parental relocation also falls under this umbrella with the addition of a requirement by the court to obtain permission by the other parent before relocating. In the latter case of a noncompliant parent, we must fight legally to enforce the court order.

Child Support

     The financial demands of raising children are of strong consequence in any parent’s financial life. Ensuring fair child support compensation in proportion to the many financial factors brought to the table by the each parent is actually calculated via a computerized process. You can click here to access the California State Child Support Calculator to obtain information regarding the child support that may be applicable to your unique circumstances.

     Though it would be nice if every parent were as forthcoming as they can be, this is not always the case. At times some parents will choose to hide income in order to dodge child support payments they may deem unfair or unnecessary. I will fight to protect your right to a fair child support compensation order.

Spousal Support

     Short-term spousal support, like child support, is actually determined via a computerized process where information from each person’s financial situation is inputted and a spousal support amount is outputted. This amount may be paid/received continually before the divorce is finalized.

     Long-term spousal support is another issue. Long-term spousal support is the amount that will be continually paid after the divorce is finalized. A marriage is considered long-term, for the sake of a spousal support obligation, if it is 10 years long or more. The courts will consider the various factors in the lives of the parties involved to make a fair long-term spousal support judgment.

     Often times spousal support orders need to be modified to suit new financial situations or pursued for enforcement if the paying spouse is refusing to comply or is hiding income. I will fight for your right to fair spousal support compensation.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

     Nobody deserves to be the victim of domestic violence. Additionally, nobody deserves to be the victim of false accusations of domestic violence. Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or the victim of false allegations of domestic violence, I am here to pursue your best interests.

     Restraining orders are not documents to be taken lightly. They can affect a person’s child custody and visitation rights, ability to own firearms, government security clearances, and more. They can also take time to litigate. For this reason, there are Temporary Restraining Orders that may go into effect immediately. These orders are especially important in emergency situations. I will act quickly and aggressively to protect your rights and safety.

Property Division

     The division of property in a divorce can be one of the most complex areas to litigate. California law dictates that most property acquired during the course of a marriage is “community property”. This means that the property is owned equally by both parties and must be divided equally between both parties. Homes, vacations houses, retirement accounts, vehicles, businesses, and much more will need to be addressed during property division in order to facilitate a divorce. Very few things obtained during the course of the marriage can be left out of property division.

     My extensive experience in these matters is an invaluable resource while going through your divorce. From the most basic situations to the most high-dollar and complex, I am the attorney to call when you need your assets protected.

Emergency Protective Orders

     When it comes to your safety or the safety of your children, sometimes things cannot wait. I understand that when you need emergency protection for you or your children, it is exactly that – an emergency. I handle many different types of emergency family law issues including child custody, property protection (including bank accounts), domestic violence, and other emergency legal matters.

     Do not hesitate to contact me if you think you may be in need of emergency legal protection.


     Children born outside of marriage may need to have the putative or alleged father legally declared as the father before certain rights and obligations, such as child custody and child support, can be declared by the court. Contested cases, where the putative or alleged father denies biological fatherhood, may require DNA testing, though cases will vary. Whether you are a man or woman, either in a contested or uncontested paternity situation, I am here to guide you through the process and fight for you.


     Family law mediation is the process of negotiating the outstanding issues of divorce in a calmer, more constructive manner using a trained third party mediator. Often times the settlement meetings can become escalated, with each client feeling more and more upset and distrustful. As your mediator, it is not my job to take sides with either party; I am a neutral party here to facilitate a positive outcome for both parties.

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