Don C. Gonzales


     I graduated Western State College of Law. Upon passing the bar exam I eagerly entered my new career as a sole practitioner of family law in Santa Ana, California. I have been practicing family law ever since, though I have gained experience in several other disciplines such as criminal law, business law, special education law, bankruptcy law, personal injury law and civil law.

     During my time as a special education advocate I was fortunate enough to be published in several decisions by the Special Education Hearing Office. This experience afforded me the opportunity to try cases up to 12 days in length. I was also able to argue a case before the United States Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California in 2002.

     While my extensive practice of law is an invaluable resource for your case, my experience of being raised in a blue-collar family and having led other careers before attending law school has provided a great opportunity for me to understand the world from many points of view. I have found this experience to be equally valuable. I will utilize my experience to help you manage this very difficult time in your life.

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